Matthew Calvin Meteorite Round Stud Earrings

Matthew Calvin


Hand-textured in the same fashion that can be seen throughout the rest of the collection, an experimental technique which led designer Matthew Calvin to find the way of working and unique result that inspired his first jewellery collection.

The Meteorite Textured Round Stud’s unique, hand-finished shine brings elegance to the unusual shape and textured finish of the silver.

Available in Sterling silver and gold plated finishes.

Size: 7mm

All of Matthew Calving jewellery is made in solid Sterling Silver.

Silver will eventually lose its lustre or shine. To keep your jewellery looking its best we recommend you store each item separately to avoid scratching or marking. Remove before applying makeup or skin or hair products. Remove before bathing or showering. Avoid contact with water and harsh chemicals. Clean occasionally by gently wiping with a clean, dry and soft cloth. Plated jewellery will eventually lose its colour. This depends on the PH of the skin, the type of jewellery and how often the piece is worn. Rings and bracelets have more continuous skin contact and will fade faster than earrings or pendants.