Arthouse Unlimited Organic Handmade Chocolate - 'Angels of the Deep' Dark Chocolate with Spiced Rum, Chilli & Caribbean Crunch

Arthouse Unlimited


The Angels of the Deep artwork is a delicate collaborative artwork born from individual artists’ drawings which explored life on the coral reef.

Each artist’s style and unique outlook is brought together in a carefully mastered composition.

This beautiful design is a fitting way to celebrate the delicious dark chocolate, spiced rum, chilli and caribbean crunch.

  • Minimum weight 100g
  • Handcrafted in the UK by a specialist chocolatier
  • 7.5cm (w) x 16cm (h)
  • Ingredients: cocoa solids, sugar, cocoa butter, coconut, chilli powder, ginger, spiced rum, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, vanilla, soya, lecithing (soya), flavourings (rum, coconut, banana). This chocolate can not be guaranteed to be entirely nut-free.